Accelerated Math Courses & Placement

Grades 4-7: Accelerated Math Courses
Accelerated Math Courses are offered in grades 4-7. Accelerated courses are "accelerated" in the fact that the material is taught at a faster pace than the on-level courses, and some material from the next grade level may be taught.

Students must qualify each year in order to be placed into accelerated math courses. The following criteria are used to determine placement into accelerated math courses:
-Math report card grades from marking periods 1-3 (grades 6-7) or trimesters 1-2 (grades 3-5)
-Score on Benchmark Assessments 
-Score on Diagnostic/Placement Test
-Standardized Test Scores
-Teacher Recommendation

**Students will be notified of their mathematics course placement by the summer either by receiving a letter from the school or their class schedule.
**Students must qualify for accelerated math each school year, by continuing to meet the criteria.  If your child does not qualify for accelerated math this year, it is possible that he/she could qualify for the following year, based on the criteria listed above.

Grades 8-12: Math Course Placement
Math course and level placement for all courses from Algebra I and beyond is determined by considering multiple data points for each student. The data points listed below are used to determine to what extent each child has mastered the math skills and concepts needed for the following year's math course. 
-Current year math course grade (mid-year)
-Previous year math course grade
-Diagnostic/placement test score
-Standardized test scores
-Benchmark scores
-Teacher recommendation

If you wish your child to take a math course at a higher level than the placement shown in Realtime, you must submit a scheduling waiver as described on the Delran High School scheduling webpage, by the deadline indicated. If a waiver is received for a math course, your child will be invited to take a waiver test, to show that they have mastered the prerequisite math skills required for the course/level you are requesting. More information regarding waiver testing is sent to parents (via email) and students (via Canvas inbox) once the waiver request is received.

Students in grades 8-12 who wish to advance their math studies by enrolling in an online math course must obtain approval before enrolling by completing the Delran High School "Option II Credit" application. Please contact Mrs. Hutchinson with any questions and to begin the application process.